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Welcome to The New Website

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new website.

For a while now, I have been considering doing a total refresh on my website, so it can more accurately reflect me, my business, and my services. With the help of my daughter Jenna-Wade, we were able to create WDP's new home.

New Features

You can now book directly on the site. "Book Now!" buttons are scattered throughout the site to take you exactly where you need to book a session.

Under the 'Services' tab, each type of session has its own page where you can read all about what's included, what to expect, and pricing information. I hope this new format allows my business to be more transparent and make it easier for my clients to understand the packages they are booking. Of course, I always encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns as well.

This new website also comes with a new blog! I am so excited to start writing some posts about the families I photograph, news, events...anything at all! I may need a little help from Jenna-Wade again... ha ha.

Up in the top menu, you can now click to see all of Miss Wanda's Children's Boutique products and categories.


I hope you enjoy looking around the site and seeing what's new! I'll see you in the next blog post.

Be sure to follow my social media to stay up to date- it's where I am most active online.



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1 Comment

Jan 13, 2022

So happy to have worked on this with you! I feel like your site represents your personality so much better now. 😘

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